Grandfather, grandma, I’m sending you a clutch

Did you like the little ones like to write a greeting card and greetings to the grandparents? For example, from a summer camp or vacation. Unfortunately, today's classic paper views have replaced messages sent from mobile, or sent photos via email or Facebook.
How to force children to change?
It's harder than it might seem at first glance. We live in a time where everything is governed electronically. Of course, it is easier in many respects, but it begins to fade away the charm and atmosphere of the Times past. Remember how you couldn't wait to have your mom or grandmother read the letter in which you communicated the experience all day. And try to send the original gift together with a short message! For example, a piece of clothing! Printed with t-shirts, or batics, photos. The imagination is not the limits, so think about it, or let the children, let them be angry with the brain threads.

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