Little Miracle

You are in the most beautiful period of the woman's life and you wear a little miracle in your tummy. Hardly anyone at the beginning will know that it is a pregnancy tummy. It often creates a faux pas, when others do not know if it is not only a more hearty lunch. Tired of seeing others still asking? Or do you just want to boast that you really are expecting a little knot of happiness? Also, you may want to show if it will be a baby boy or a girl. That's no problem.
T-shirt for your tummy
Be original and keep the original printed t-shirt. You can print what you want on your tummy. It can be a funny animated photo of a waiting baby or an inscription that says if it's a baby boy or a little girl. It is up to you how you decorate it and show off the world. You can already dress up the baby and boast about it before it is born.

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