Pleasing house wiring

House wiring devices belong to the necessary equipment and are usually understood as something practically practical. Until recently, all the switches and drawers were the same. From this commonality and Mediatness, the French company Schneider Electric pulled them out of the limelight of interest and heightened attention. It has achieved changes in design, strengthened the color scheme and added non-traditional materials. This masterpiece has transformed purely practical equipment into an interesting decoration. Products of this brand are offered in several model series. UNICA Basic will delight with a simple appearance, pleasant colour and universal use.
A brand that bets on appearance
If you are interested in modern wiring, please visit the E-shop, whose offer of electrical installation products is backed up by the world-famous brand Schneider electric. The world-renowned French company has changed its view on this necessary equipment. It has been a remarkable design and attractive colour scheme, and has transformed the switches and drawers into decorative elements of the interior. You can convince yourself that it is possible to count on such apartment accessories. The offer consists of model series, which are a demonstration of modern appearance, a showcase of colors and non-traditional materials. The UNICA Basic series matches who is looking for a solution for each environment.

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