Why don’t our wives suffer elegance?

You don't have any illusions about women's clothes. You're obsessed with fashion. It is a pity that it is not possible to tell about most women who live in the country and constantly wear only a dull black color and occasionally some slightly more pronounced t-shirt. Czech women simply do not suffer from elegance. It's all about something else in this France. All women should go on a trip here. Then they might have changed their mind about fashion. Quality fashion is already available to all.
For inspiration, every woman should travel to France
You saw a wonderful story about women's clothes. The renowned designer literally used to be a woman in the Czech Republic. Reportedly, fashion doesn't say anything to us, and it doesn't have good taste. You don't like it much. You're completely different. You spend almost all the money you earn in fashion. Amazing stunts you can never leave in the store.

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